The cover of Men In Frocks featured Amber who used to visit the Group. Amber used to have a penchant for wearing clothes made from rubber, PVC and other materials not normally associated with clothing. Amber was very pretty and very much into the fashion of the time.

This picture was the frontispiece and was taken on the steps of a synagogue in Stamford Hill on a Sunday morning. One of the elders drove around the block several times before asking everyone to move off. The picture is of Cissy (Ed Heath's mother) bottom right and some gentlemen friends. Yvonne is pictured bottom left.

One of Yvonne's photographs was taken in Greenwich Park.

Kris Kirk and Ed Heath

Kris Kirk and Ed Heath were gay lovers who came to the Group when writing a book on Drag and Transvestism entitled, "Men In Frocks". Although out of print now, it's worth looking at a copy for a snapshot of the Drag scene during the late 1970s and early 1980s; the book was published in 1984.

Kris came and interviewed Yvonne for the book and Yvonne had four pictures in the book. There was also a well-written piece on Yvonne and the Group.

Kris wrote the book and Ed took the photographs. Kris and Eddie moved to mid-Wales in the late 1980s to run a book shop but Kris sadly died of Aids in the early 1990s.

All photographs on this page are the copyright of Ed Heath and are taken from the book, "Men In Frocks" published by Gay Men's Press.

Kris Kirk Ed Heath

A number of girls who went to 274 Upper Street appear in Men In Frocks although the book concentrated on Drag Queens.

These were a series of Greetings Cards published by Gay Men's Press featuring photographs taken by Ed Heath.

Top Left: Sadie Stern

Top Right: Scarlet Valentine

Left: Yvonne Sinclair

Men In Frocks