The boat, The Sidney Hull, set off from Charing Cross in daylight but the boat broke down under the Albert Bridge. Another boat pulled alongside and the passengers on that boat were amazed to see a boat full of women who were mostly men. The company gave Yvonne a free cruise in October as compensation.

Let's Organise A Boat Trip

Who else but Yvonne Sinclair would have organised two boat trips from the middle of London for fellas in frocks? And this 20 years before it all became acceptable.

Yvonne had the idea that to raise money for the Group, we could organise a Boat Trip. The trip started from The Embankment and the guests including trannies, drag queens, gays, wives, partners and anyone who just wanted to be there really. It was great fun; especially when we drew alongside another boat - they were blown away when they realised that all the glamourous women weren't quite want they seemed.

This was 9 September 1982. Another boat trip was held on 4 December. On the streets? You bet.

These are the only photographs taken on the first boat trip. Zia Martinez was a great supporter of the Group, and TVs in general, she performed an Egyptian belly dance.

The Boat Trips