Vic Shirman

Disappeared after leaving the Group around 1990

Janette Scott

Left the Group and joined the Beaumont Society and became its President

Christine-Jane Wilson

When the Group closed concentrated on printing. Publishes Yvonne's stories for his own gain under Too Good To Lose.

Jim Turner

Taken into care because he was unable to look after himself and died in an old folks' home.

Alec Dunn

Died dressed up in a hotel room in 1996

Joanne Petticoats

Last seen complaining she had nowhere to go now the Group had closed

TE Lawrence remarked that "when a genius appears, a conspiracy of fools forms to bring him down"

And so it happened; a conspiracy of fools was formed to take over the Group and ultimately to destroy it.

Chinese Whispers and The Enemy Within

Whilst Yvonne would prefer to remember all the good times and the fun that the Group engendered in the 1980s, it would be wrong not to write about how Yvonne was forced to resign and ultimately be forced out by the envy, greed and hatred of those who were supposed to help Yvonne run the Group.

Yvonne often remarked that when she ran the Group, it was a benevolent dictatorship but once the committee had been formed they (the committee) could only find time to argue what colour vacuum cleaner to buy.

She also remarked on more than one occasion that the downfall of the Group would be caused not by those outside the group but by the "enemy within" and their envy of what Yvonne had achieved.

After constant lobbying by certain members a women's committee was formed although it was conveniently forgotten that the Group and Centre were formed for the benefit of TVs and TSs, not their wives and girlfriends.

Old Jim (Turner) carped continuously the Group needed a computer for the membership and to write letters (but in reality because he wanted to use it for computer games). The Group eventually invested in 2 computers and Shirman supplied two low spec Amstrads and charged the Group a sum of £3000 for both. This was in 1987.

Yvonne had no means of transport and found the daily journey to Shoreditch tiring. It was mooted the Group would buy her a second-hand car. However, after 2 months haggling, Yvonne told the committee that unless they made a decision that weekend they would either have to volunteer their own cars for Yvonne's use or Yvonne would go out on Monday morning and buy a new car. Result? An immediate decision.

Clever, or rather sly, individuals used this state of affairs to cause discord amongst those who worked hard voluntarily for the Group. And who were these individuals? The chief antagonist was undoubtedly Vic Shirman, abetted by his dupe, Janette Scott - now President of The Beaumont Society.

Because Yvonne was unable to claim a wage from the Group, despite being the co-ordinator, it was agreed that 4 Group members (Shirman being one of them) would raise expenses for £25 each per week and donate the money to Yvonne. Shirman fed Scott the story that Yvonne was taking thousands of pounds out of the funds.

Shirman also slyly informed Scott that Yvonne was closing the wives group - a lie - which caused a furore with the wives and their partners. Yvonne dragged Janette Scott to confront Shirman in one of the offices with some of the wives, Shirman feigned ignorance, leaving Janette Scott embarrassed at spreading rumours.

Christine-Jane Wilson, the Glad Rag editor, became concerned that the editorship of the magazine was going to be given to Frank the printer (Frank had already taken over the printing of the magazine) and spent a week writing Glad Rag 2000: a bizarre diatribe of all the costings of CJ editing the magazine. Wilson threatened to quit the Group if Glad Rag 2000 was shown to anyone outside the committee.

And so, with all this going on, Yvonne decided it was no longer feasible to carry on and resigned.

And who were the main conspirators with Shirman and Scott? Well, Caroline and wife Michelle Green were publicly stating that we should all thank Yvonne for the help she had given to everyone and within weeks were cheerfully back-stabbing Yvonne because they believed Shirman's flattery. Joanne Petticoats caused disaffection with Frank the printer and fed Shirman gossip on Yvonne. Caroline the carpenter, Brenda the brickie and Paula Risborough all spread lies about Yvonne. Alec and Mary Dunn, Christine-Jane Wilson, Elaine Barker and the others all voted for Yvonne to be removed from the Group.

How exquisite that all those who stabbed Yvonne in the back were those who had received so much help and advice from her and the Group and yet where quite happy to have her removed from running the organisation she had created.

As Christine-Jane wheedled to someone who wrote in, "We're under completely new management". Some management ! The Group closed within three years.

The Conspiracy Of Fools