Saturday night was always rounded off by a meal in the Philbeach

Yvonne often found plenty of admirers who wanted to share her company

Sometimes, it all got too much

Diane and Dee. Diane, with Camp Terry and Jenny were the first TVs to use the Philbeach Hotel.

Philbeach Party, Second Wave !

It is impossible to write a history of transvestism in modern Britain without mentioning the Philbeach Hotel.

This hotel, in Philbeach Gardens, was one of the very few venues that welcomed transvestites on a regular basis during the 80s. It was common practice for people at 274 to visit the Philbeach after the Group on Friday and Saturday evenings. The Group officially closed at 10.00 but often went on to 11.30. Everyone could stay at the Philbeach until 3 - 4.00 in the morning.

The Philbeach venue was opened up by Camp Terry, Jennie, Dippy Di and Yvonne in early 1981 when they turned up there and asked if transvestites were welcome to visit. The owners, who were an English doctor, David and a Thai, Tom agreed although the hotel catered to a gay clientele before that.

The downstairs buzzed with TVs taking over the bar, small dance floor and the television room (the TV room). Later, many TVs used the restaurant, which served a mixture of English and Thai food. Later, Jimmy took over running the bar around 1983. The Philbeach was always the place to go after the Porchester Hall Drag Balls.

On a sad note, one of the doormen at the Philbeach, Anthony (we think) was found murdered (not at the hotel), allegedly by serial killer Michael Lupo.

Today, the Philbeach Hotel is still one of the top venues for gays, transvestites and their admirers.

The Philbeach