The Wives Book

The Wives Booklet, or "Transvestism Within A Partnership Of Marriage and Families" to give it its proper title, was written by Yvonne Sinclair. A couple of people contributed but this is Yvonne's work.

It was written because, at the time, there was no relevant information for the many wives, partners and families of transvestites and transsexuals. There was no help, no Internet, no information at that time available to anyone who wanted to know more about transvestism.

It was immediately regarded as a mine of useful information and clever insights into the subject and most of the leading Agony Aunts of the day picked up on its good common-sense approach to, what for many, was a traumatic problem.

The book helped a lot of people come to terms with transvestism and it was heart-warming and so worthwhile to receive letters from women who had been helped by the book. Here is one such letter of gratitude to Yvonne for the help she gave to this couple.

"Dear Yvonne Sinclair,

I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the booklet you sent. I had no hope till this Saturday morning when it came, and made me feel less alone. It has made me see our worries and fears a whole lot better.

I met my boyfriend on Saturday evening after he had also read the book, and talked; and was able to see things in a very new light. We are back together talking about it openly and freely, and even two days after the booklet came we are more able to talk of Peter’s needs, and mine too. I know it is going to be hard at times, but now I am able to see my beloved boyfriend as a person again and try to adjust our lives more sensibly and accept him.

He wishes to wear the clothes of a female, but now, after a whole year and the first glimpse of him last April, I have found it much easier to accept, and I too can see it’s only an act of getting dressed; and he loves me too.

Well, Yvonne. I am going to end now and try to plod on and learn more, and accept my boyfriend because I love him so very deeply. I would like to come to the meetings and maybe Peter would. I think it can and will help us both, but I definitely wish to come and chat. So I thank you again for the help, and the feeling of a friend to turn to is a wonderful help to us both, so until we meet at the meetings thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rosey & Peter

P.S. You have done more than 2 years of doctors and everyone else ever has. THANK YOU"


Here, the book is reprinted in full. No part of the book may be reprinted or used in any way except without the express permission of the author, Yvonne Sinclair

The Wives Book