After leaving French Place, Yvonne began working for Axfords in Victoria. When Axfords transferred to Brighton, Yvonne decided to renew the idea of a change-away service and with a number of loyal supporters and friends raised the money for a deposit on a building, 257 Liverpool Road. It was fundamentally different from the Group because it was a dressing service. Unfortunately, people from 2 French Place used both premises and regarded Liverpool Road as an extension of 2 French Place. After the theft of a number of breast prothesis and Liverpool Road being trashed, Yvonne decided to close this business and re-open another Group venue at 12 Barnsbury Road.

By now, 2 French Place had closed but the time of self-help groups was at an end. People wanted night-clubs and late-night drink and dance clubs.

In 1996, Yvonne, with some relief, closed the doors for the last time.

Yvonne suffered a mild stroke in 2004, which affected her speech, but despite ill-health, still makes it to TV venues throughout the year. Most notably, TransLiving's Christmas Dinner Party and venues in Bournemouth and Blackpool.

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