What is a transvestite and other questions

Yvonne spoke so much common sense to so many people over the years that psychiatrists and doctors, who worked at the Gender Reassignment Clinics, were desperate to know what, exactly, she said that made so much sense. She helped hundreds of transvestites and transsexuals come to terms with who they were and what they wanted to achieve.

Never one to mince her words or suffer fools gladly, she often let rip with both barrels at whoever was in her sights.

So what did she say that helped so many?

A few years ago, Yvonne was asked if she would like to record her thoughts so they could be digitally mastered. Here are the results of those recordings.

What Is A Transvestite?

A Success Story

274 Upper Street - An Unpromising Beginning

The TV/TS Group

The Search For New Premises

Some Characters In The TV World

Unreliable TVs

A View Of The Beaumont Society

There's No Cure For Pleasure

Running The Group

Events And The Group Atmosphere

Hotel Weekends

Fun With The Neighbours

Kit and Mary

More Confused Identities

Inhibitions and Weddings

Schoolgirl Evenings


Narrowing The Gap

Yvonne's Thoughts